Simcha Catering,


Meet The Caterer

I started off my catering by doing platters out of our bakery. 

I found that I love to feed people and realized my niche was in catering simchas.  

Back when I was very young, I used to help my grandmother prepare food for her synagogue.

(Interesting note here is my grandmother was a cook for the Czar of Russia. ) 

I would love to cater for you for your next Simcha. 

The food I prepare is always fresh and delicious and the presentation is something your guests will be complementing you on.

 It is my job to make you look good.  .

Tel: 949 233-3996    





Kiddush Menu

Is My Speciality

Lox, Bagels, Cream Cheese

  Tuna and Egg Salad

Assorted Extras

Beverages to Desserts

All included


Upon request my amazing

Noodle Kugel Bread Pudding

with Grand Marnier and an apricot glaze



You choose your favorite foods


I am more than happy to cater to your needs,


The above is delicious

poached salmon



A variety of beautiful and delicious desserts


At Your Service

Tel: 949-233-3996




Includes server

Includes server

Tell me a little about your event so I can customize a menu for your needs
with a quote